“One of a life veins of a nation would be severed without art”
Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK(Founder of Turkish Republic)


During the excavation of the Antik Hotel İstanbul, 1500 years old historical artifacts belonging to the late Roman - early Byzantine period were found. It was excavated by Istanbul Archeology Museum and unearthed after a 10 years study. The work, which was built as a public building in the late Roman period, was later used as a cistern in the lower floor water storage. It is remored that it was also used as a library for a while during the Byzantine period. After the constraction of the hotel was completed, the historical monument consisting of two floors was transformed into an art and special event center. The hotel building was built on a very meticulous architectural project without any damage to the historical artifacts on the - 2 nd. and -3rd floor. Some objects, unearthed during the excavation are exhibited here. Some of them have been taken under protection by the Istanbul Archeology Museum. Existing historical artifact and objects are embezzled by the hotel and they are controlled and monitored on site every year by the Istanbul Archeology Museum.

What to do in Antik Cisterna ?

- Weddings and engagements- Invitations and celebrations
- Graduation balls- Gala dinners and parties
- Anniversary- Special celebrations
- Seminars and panels

- Dealer meetings
- Artist promotions - Concert organizations
- Painting, photograph and sculpture exhibitions- Theatrical performances
- Product launches